Come and experience music for your heart!


Make your son feel on top of the world with an energetic escort parade at his milestone Bar Mitzvah event. Friends and family will enjoy the familiar Israeli rhythmic beats and are welcome to participate in the drumming celebration. Our entertainment not only sounds amazing but looks sensational too, which makes for special photo opportunities.


That’s what Give your daughter’s bat mitzvah party an extra special musical heartbeat with the uplifting entertainment of a vibrant Jewish djembe parade escort. There’s no better way to add Jewish flair to a Bat Mitzvah than with the help of The Holy Drummers. Have your daughter, family, and friends saying, ‘Best. Bat Mitzvah. Ever!’


The Holy Drummers offer the most uplifting and spiritual Israel music parade to make your Chuppah ceremony unforgettable. Enhance the once-in-a-lifetime walk down the aisle with the almighty sounds of dejembe drums, shofarim and more. Our ensemble can stay on to enliven the entire wedding experience with a complete interactive entertainment package.


Life is too short to let milestone birthdays and anniversaries slip by. The Holy Drummers are experts at creating momentous celebratory parades to welcome the special couple or individual to the event. We’ll add an upbeat Jewish pulse to your Simcha with musical sounds, spirit and visual appeal.


Bring your Jewish event to life with the soulful sounds of The Holy Drummers!

Another family celebration is coming with your child, your son, in the heart of it! This special day is all about him, and can you imagine the excitement looking on your “tacshit” being escorted to the party by the Holy Drummers… a scene to be cherish and remembered by family and friends for years to come.

That is a once in a lifetime event with a unique musical experience! Your Jewish Simcha will begin with a bang as our djembe drumming band escorts the special individual, couple or families in an uplifting parade to their milestone moment. Our talented musicians evoke emotion and joy by playing authentic Israeli rhythms direct from the Holy Land to set the tone.

The power of our professional drumming ensemble parade and entertainment will turn any milestone into a unique memory with a deep spiritual pulse is sure to resonate long after your Simcha is over.
We have travelled internationally to present a meaningful form of parade escort entertainment at hundreds of Jewish celebrations, and are thrilled to offer our special drumming and instrumental ensemble experience to the Jewish community in Melbourne and Australia-wide. Our packages can be tailored to suit your special event; Chuppah ceremonies, Bris ceremonies, Pidyon Ha’ ben simchas, Bar Mitzvahs, Bat Mitzvahs, wedding dancefloor entertainment, anniversaries, milestone birthday parties, Chaggim celebrations and more.

Of course, our repertoire includes many musical flavours; Israeli, Sfaradi, Hasidic and more to match the Simcha spirit.

At each celebration, we encourage willing guests to feel free and have fun on the dejembe drums, which derive their name from the phrase “gather together in peace”. These experiences are often the highlight of the event for participants. Drumming has been used in religious ceremonies to bring believers closer to God since time began. We also incorporate the magical Shofar instrument in many of our parades which, through sight and sound instantly connects the crowd to our rich history and God.

The best way to achieve a heartfelt holy connection at your event is with the sounds of The Holy Drummers.


We understand and care for your special Jewish event needs and we will provide you with holy music for the soul with redeeming the power of god. You will experience songs for your heart!



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What is live casino?

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Why do people choose the live casino?

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